Red carpet favor­­­­----gorgeous false eyelashes

23/12/2011 21:15
Red carpet favor----gorgeous false eyelashes The dress and makeup style of Hollywood actress always focus my attention every time. We can learn from it the latest trends of cloth, shoes, and makeup. Lately, gorgeous false eyelashes become the red carpet favor. False eyelashes, just like high...

Never neglect to lower eyelashes

22/12/2011 23:24
Never neglect to lower eyelashes <p>No doubt that red carpet stars represent the latest fashion for us. I’m very interested in their dress, makeup, shoes, and nails, etc. All the stuff is the design of famous artist, and elaborately combined together. Next let’s talk about two famous...

Right type of glue for eyelash extensions

22/12/2011 23:23
Right type of glue for eyelash extensions <p>The most fundamental element while using the false lashes to make eyes look big could  be the extension glue. It is used for sticking the false lashes to our natural lashes to produce  thicker, fuller and far more gorgeous....

Why false eyelashes “attract” so many people?

14/12/2011 17:52
Why false eyelashes “attract” so many people?                                 ------Magic power of false eyelashes    Nowadays...

Eyelashes will grow back

14/12/2011 17:43
Eyelashes will grow back    I have ever heard of a true story that one person’s eyelashes was cut, she is so worried and tried every method to make her eyelashes back. So lucky she is that several weeks later she got her eyelashes back. This fact verified that one’s lost eyelashes can...

Glamour eyelashes

12/12/2011 09:14
Glamour eyelashes Glamour generally is the typical feature of all the women, leaving her disgruntled and angry. She is left to wonder how celebrities exude charm and grace with seemingly no effort, although she operates her butt away for definitely nothing. Is she left without any other...

Choose eyelashes rather than mascara

12/12/2011 09:11
Choose eyelashes rather than mascara Mascara goes an extended way in adding period and fullness towards the eyelashes you have, however it requires some additional enlargement to obtain all those lush red-carpet lashes. “Nothing opens up the eyes and provides the density and glamour of false...

Lace fancy dress eyelashes

09/12/2011 10:24
Lace fancy dress eyelashes  Summary: Lace is always regarded as sexy and beautiful for a long time among both men and women. Nowadays lace is added to false eyelashes to achieve that feeling as well, especially to match with fancy dress to create that sexual effect. <p><a...

Dramatic eye makeup with dramatic eyelashes

09/12/2011 10:23
Dramatic eye makeup with dramatic eyelashes For dramatic eye makeup, you should apply eye shadow in light shade on your eyelid and extend it into the crease and up to the brow bone.   Apply the same or a bit darker shade under the lower lashes. Place a darker shade in the crease of your...

Fuller night-out false eyelashes

02/12/2011 12:35
Fuller night-out false eyelashes    When going for night-out, our makeup should be dramatic eyelashes, then how the night-out false eyelashes to look dramatic. The thick kind would be your best choice. False eyelashes with too thick lashes may look fake, so you have to choose the a...
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Make up for your deep-set eyes

If you've obtained deep set eyes, you can't make up "traditionally." That is, anything you see and study about methods to make-up for your eye is for those people who have an extra common eyesight shape. So how can you make up for deep arranged eyes?

 Here are the most effective points regarding how to make up for deep arranged eyes:

  1. Use a highlight shade towards eyelid and also the crease. This can lighten that location and aid take the eyesight forward.
  2. . Use a mid-tone shade just above the crease and up in the direction of the brow bone. This darker color will aid push the prominent brow bone back.
  3. Use a contour shade, generally the darkest color, for the external corner with the upper lash line. Sweep it towards external corner with the brow bone, which can help additional to push this location back again to aid reveal, your eyes.
  4. If you would like additional definition to individual’s deep arranged eyes, make utilization of the contour shade beneath the decrease lash line.
  5.  As you utilize mascara, use extra of it during the external corners of your eye. For individuals who go heavy for the mascara or even the false eyelashes during the middle component of your eye, you will include up that which you attempted to highlight and take out. By maintaining the mascara towards external portion of your eye, you aid available up and take out your eyes.