Eyelashes will grow back

14/12/2011 17:43

Eyelashes will grow back

   I have ever heard of a true story that one person’s eyelashes was cut, she is so worried and tried every method to make her eyelashes back. So lucky she is that several weeks later she got her eyelashes back. This fact verified that one’s lost eyelashes can grow back. But how? Maybe this is the issue that most people care about.

   Generally our eyelashes will fall out naturally. But just like other hairs, eyelashes have a growth cycle. It may be slow, but it does will grow back. So we don’t have to worry about naturally lost eyelashes.

There are many reasons for losing eyelashes. Not all the lost eyelashes will grow back by themselves. There is no doubt that naturally lost one will grow back. But they also fall out if we cover heavy makeup to our eyes, apply mascara, and wear false eyelashes. All of these will cast some effect on eyelash growth. But we have still many methods to grow eyelashes back.

First is balanced diet. This method is useful to almost any kinds of hair losing. Vitamin B will provide nutrition for hair growth. So eat more food that contain high vitamin B. Then, use some olive oil. Olive oil will also provide nutrition to your eyelid and make your eyelid stay moistened.  If you want your eyelash grow fast, you can try some chemical product, such as eyelash enhancers. But you have to make sure that this kind of stuff will not do harm to your eyes. Try to get more information about it before using.

Apart from all the methods I mentioned above, false eyelashes is a fast way to give you long, thick, attractive eyelashes if you have to take part in a get-together or party. But don’t wear them too often, and try to choose natural and light-weighted one.