How to make your false eyelashes last longer

03/12/2011 10:48

How to make your false eyelashes last longer

Summary: Use your fake eyelashes once and then throw them away is a waste of money. Good quality fake eyelashes could be reused up to 8 times. Here will give you some suggestions about how to maintain your fake eyelashes to let them last longer.

Nowadays more and more people tend to apply fake eyelashes to grow long and thick eyelashes, but for strip lashes, we have to apply them every day, so it is more likely to damage the strip lashes. Many girls throw away their eyelashes everyday and apply a new pair the next day. As the time goes by, we will find that it is really a waste of money. In fact, false strip eyelashes can be reused for many times if you treat them carefully and patiently. Check out the following suggestions of how to maintain your eyelashes, and then extend its lifespan.

  First let’s look at the things that we should do. There is no doubt that if we purchase the best quality fake eyelashes, then our eyelashes could be reused for more times than the bad quality pair. Good quality eyelashes are usually more expensive, but you will find it worthy. Always use a pair of eyelash tweezers to handle the false eyelashes. Eyelashes are soft so you have to be patient and careful to handle it. Eyelash tweezers is design to apply the eyelashes more convenient, but also help to maintain the eyelashes. Right type of glue is also important. The glue should be of good quality and easy to remove, or you will throw away the eyelashes when the glue is difficult to get off. Remove the fake eyelashes in a right way. Cotton swab and makeup remover will help a lot to make the procedure easier. Remember to clean your eyelashes after every use; you can use warm water or makeup remover to do the trick. Last but not least, store them into their original box or any other dry and clean place.

There also something that you'd better not does. If you can, don't apply mascara to your false eyelashes, too much mascara will ruin your eyelashes and make them hard to clean. But if you need to, you can use the kind of mascara that especially designed for false eyelashes. When remove the false eyelashes, don't pull your false eyelashes from your eyelid without makeup remover, through which you will pull off your own eyelashes and damage the false eyelashes.

   To make the fake eyelashes be reused for more times are not a tough job, just a little more care and patience, you will save a lot of money.