Red carpet favor­­­­----gorgeous false eyelashes

23/12/2011 21:15

Red carpet favor----gorgeous false eyelashes

The dress and makeup style of Hollywood actress always focus my attention every time. We can learn from it the latest trends of cloth, shoes, and makeup. Lately, gorgeous false eyelashes become the red carpet favor. False eyelashes, just like high heel shoes, are must for film stars, to show elegance and grace.

No doubt that red carpet stars represent the latest fashion for us. I’m very interested in their dress, makeup, shoes, and nails, etc. All the stuff is the design of famous artist, and elaborately combined together. Next let’s talk about two famous stars’ red carpet show.

 First comes to Hollywood girl Amber Heard, 25-year-old talented actress was seen flaunting a glamorous look, sporting a chic pinned updo and striking makeup. With a teased and textured updo, her beautiful earrings stand out. Pale pink blush and soft pink lip color; make her  look elegant and graceful. False eyelash is a accessory that cannot leave out, which really enhanced her features.

Then American teen actress BellaThorne. Comfortable is her style.13-year-old Bella Thorneshowed off her fun and flirty look on the red carpet and with a pair of Donna Karanblack heels. Lovely and graceful. The stunning beauty comes to two bold rings and also dressed up her nails. She went for flawless makeup, pink lip color and fake eyelashes.

  See, all red carpet stars wear on her favorable fake eyelashes, and  special designed hair style and makeup. Find anything that will benefit you? Of course you will do.