Why false eyelashes “attract” so many people?

14/12/2011 17:52

Why false eyelashes “attract” so many people?

                                ------Magic power of false eyelashes

   Nowadays false eyelashes are becoming a house hold name; you can see them be worn here and there. Come on, girls! FOLLOW ME! I will take you to see why false eyelashes are so popular. Maybe you want to know what kind of magic power false eyelashes has.

Let’s come to see how beautiful your eyes will be after wearing the appropriate type false eyelashes.

   You aren’t satisfied with your small eyes? You want to make them seem bigger and more beautiful? No problem, you can do that! I will show you how.



Maybe you can’t see her eyes clearly. Here is another picture that very clear. I’m so sorry to tell that the eyes cannot be described as beautiful.

First look at this picture, the people in the picture don’t make up her eyes. She has a small, single eyelid, round eyes. Do you think her eyes beautiful? Maybe you don’t think so, right? Every girl dreams of having a pair of big, attractive, and beautiful eyes.






You also have such pair of eyes? Don’t worry, here is the procedure.

Make up your eyes as usual. The most important part that I want to share with you is the false eyelashes. Pick a pair of fake eyelashes that you like most. Don’t forget to use eyelash curler to curl your eyes but don’t apply mascara. Then you will find yourself just like this.

You don’t have to be as the same as the picture, just do it what you want your eyes to be.

OK. It’s time to wear our false eyelashes! Trim the fake eyelashes to fit your eyes. Use a tweezers to handle the fake eyelash and put it close to your eyes, then press them to your eyelid. Work done! Now let’s check out the magic power of the fake eyelashes. Here is the picture!!!

One picture is better than thousands words~!!

I just can’t stop to speak out “WOW”,”OH MY GOD!!!”

Another picture of her face. I ‘M SURE You will be surprised!!!!

She is so beautiful! She is gorgeous! She is so attractive!!!

     She can do that!

You also can!

Everyone just can!!!

The magic power of false eyelashes is turn small eyelashes into big eyes, round eyes into longer eyes, ordinary eyes into attractive eyes.

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